As your eyes scan the words across the page, you are engaged in one of nature’s most divine works involving sound. You’re giving life to the vibrations of our minds, hearts, and souls by allowing our words—sounds—access to your divine essence.

You are resurrecting sounds, vibrations, and ideas into the global consciousness and the greater cosmos—living fields made of sound.

Explore. It is all Love!

Sound is a spiritually uplifting book that explores the essence of sound—The primordial energy of both human and cosmic realities.

The book delves deep into the vibrations of thought, emotion, attention, intention, mind, soul, consciousness, music, rhythm, and reality from a refreshing and intuitive perspective.

In Sound, the authors take a deep look at the essence of sound, combining their professional music educations with four decades of work in the field of music, promotion of peace in Africa, and study of ancient civilizations and traditional wisdom—all to present a fresh perspective on the nature of the human soul, consciousness, reality, and the cosmos.

A message from the Authors

We decided to write this book to promote a new global consciousness based on the sound of love. Love is the vibration of life. Love is the true resonance of our souls. Only by encoding our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the energy of love, kindness, compassion, and goodwill will we manifest a human reality that is harmonious and life-sustaining.

We thank you for joining us in co-creating this new world, a human community dedicated to harnessing the primal love sound of our hearts and souls to create an abundant and peaceful world!

Explore! You will love it.


Quantum World Enterprises is a privately owned company with offices in Los Angeles and Boston, Massachusetts, dedicated to creating positive content with primary focus on music, film, arts, and book publishing. The company is founded on the principle of love—the divine cosmic energy sustaining all life forms.

In resonance with its founding principle, Quantum seeks to produce energy products that enhance and harmonize with the natural energy of love; products that bring joy, happiness, and facilitate deep spiritual awakening.

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